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Bulletproof/stabproof carry-on shield is the ONLY product for DHS's active shooter response 

You might hear about one cell phone blocked a bullet and saved one person's life. Do you know how many iPhones needed to stop an AK-47 bullet from this YouTube video? Six iPhones or at least a stack of 2,000 $1 bills! Our advanced research leads to cost-effective carry-on shield for civilians (less than $169 at eBay and other sites, balanced ballistic and stab resistance, and patents pending).  


Novel products

The carry-on shield is a pioneering bullet/stabproof armor or a simple helmet. It can protect your head, heart and more, during shootings, stabbing and explosion (made in USA). The main panel of this shield complies with US National Institute of Justice (NIJ) ballistic and stab protection standards. You can find YouTube video demo in English, Spanish, Chinese, French if you search "Carry-on Shield".















Total weight is less than 2 lb (or 1 kg). This shield could be placed in a backpack, luggage, or a large purse.  Its helmet function can be used during earthquakes or shootings. While facing a threat (someone entered your house with a weapon), use the upper main panel to cover your chest. If running away from a threat, use the shield to cover your back. While facing a threat (someone entered your office or classroom with a weapon, but you were not able to run away), hold the shield as a traditional shield to fight! 

Science inside products

Do you notice these beautiful waves after a water drop hits pond?  Do you know the similar waves occur when a bullet hits armor or shield? Let us explore science inside these products. Our YouTube video shows stress wave and dynamic crack propagation after a bullet hit a layered polymer using ultra-high speed photography at the California Institute of Technology. The scientific principles discovered by these impact experiments are used to design our pioneering products.  This shield design is a balanced outcome of long-term research considering the cost, threats to a civilian, weight, stiffness, thickness and other factors. 


Story behind invention 

The product inventor, a US engineering professor, decided to develop carry-on shields after 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting for his children's  safety.  In 2015, US National ­Science Foundation (NSF) funded his Innovation Corps project for carry-on shield's market research. 








Now our individual users are inside 12 countries, and more than 30 states in the US. Group users include the Police Department of the University of California at Berkeley and the second largest school district in New Mexico used our product, and here is the news report from the largest newspaper in New Mexico.  



List of Products











11.  Carry-on shield model to CS-2.    2.  Carry-on shield model CS-3P   3. Armored ladder for blast/ballistic protection 


1. Carry-on shield model CS-2 for stopping handgun bullet/knife (patents pending).  US National Institute of Justice (NIJ) protection levels: a) bulletproof level-NIJ II (0.357 magnum or 9 mm bullet), b) stabproof level- NIJ I edged blade (knife). Total weight 2 lb. (1 kg). An unfolded shield's dimensions are 11" (27 cm, width) x 22" (55 cm, length) x 0.35" (9 mm, thickness).   YouTube video:


2.  Carry-on shield model CS-3P for police and security to stop rifle bullet/knife (patents pending). A unique combination of police riot shields, hard armor plates, and helmets. Stop AK-47/AR-15 bullets when the shield is placed outside an NIJ level IIIA soft body armor. Its stand-alone protection levels are a) bulletproof level-NIJ IIIA (0.44 magnum), b) stabproof level- NIJ I edged blade (knife). Total weight 4 lb. (1.8 kg). An unfolded shield's dimensions are 11" (27 cm, width) x 22" (55 cm, length) x 0.6" (15 mm, thickness). A thick version of carry-on shield model CS-2.  YouTube Video:


Research and development

Patents and trade marks

Gloabal views and markets 

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